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Our team riders typically spend as much time on the water as possible, simply switching craft to get the most out of the conditions. This approach to taking on all conditions all of the time helps us to get the most out of our equipment. When it gets heavy you want your board to perform and to survive, of the shelf production boards just don’t cut it sometimes.

James Weight and Uni-Drive founder Ben Morrison-Jack have been chasing waves all their lives. Living in Melbourne provides the perfect launching pad to strike at a number of world class spots for surfing, kite surfing and kitefoiling.

Check out our World record Bass Straight crossing right here.

James Weight

Weighty hits the water every chance he gets and if a solid swell hits he drops everything! He regularly surfs on the West Coast (mainly Bells and Winki) and when the wind kicks he hits it on the kite. Being one of the pioneers of kiting in Victoria he was the first to...

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Sophie Ciszek

Sophie Ciszek is an amazing water woman. As a professional sailor she was a key member of team SCA in the Volvo round the world race. Sophie embodies the Uni – Drive spirit of spending every day on the water so if she is not surfing waves on a 70 ft yacht in the...

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