Uni-Drive was founded by Ben Morrison-Jack in 2008. The name Uni-Drive refers to the concept that all our products are based on.

Unidrive surfboardWe aim to increase strength, reduce weight and increase the performance of our boards primarily with the use of Uni-Directional carbon fibre. The orientation and placement of Carbon Unis will provide a custom and replicable flex pattern giving your board maximum drive and control. Only the best Epoxy resin and fibre products are used.

This whole idea spawned from a combination of Bens love of surfing and kiting and time spent as a professional sailor and member of 3 separate Americas Cup teams from 1999-2016.

The most advanced products and technologys are used in the construction of Americas Cup boats. Everything is custom made from Carbon with fibres specifically laid to deal with the forces on each part of the boat. Ben has taken this use of carbon unis and applied it to the manufacture of surfboards with the fist board being made using this concept in 2008

Uni-Drive founder Ben M-J is a keen surfer, kite surfer, sailor and foil boarder.

“With Uni-Drive I have turned my hobbies into my profession. Making and repairing boards allows me to use my experience from the Americas Cup and combine it with my love of riding waves and racing on foils. Product testing and development is the key”