Unidrive Kitefoil boards

Vacuum bagged 100{7803f0c437181d68d4584096b7b3dfdd774fd3df898b490c2c7e5ac95a37ebc4} carbon with Unis for extra strength, high density foam and carbon box for strut

Unidrive Kitefoil boards

155 x 47 perfect intermediate to advanced for foil racing Great if you touch down occasionally during maneuvers

Unidrive Kitefoil boards

145 x 42 = 2.8 kg High performance race foil board with Dura Pox finish

  • Custom made or stock tried and tested designs are available
  • All options are open.
  • You can customise a stock design to suit your size, weight, ability and specific use.
  • All board shapes are computer designed and cut then hand finished. It is possible to sit in and be directly involved with the computer shaping of your board.
  • Construction processes vary from board to board using Uni-drives cutting edge construction techniques.
  • All products used in the production process are of the highest quality.
  • Foam blanks are made and cut at Ocean Foam Victoria.
  • Only the highest quality epoxy resin is used.
  • Carbon and fibre-glass cloth is used as well as Uni-directional carbon fibre to provide strength, flex and stiffness where and when required on each board.

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